“We had a tumultuous relationship”: Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher Had “Big Arguments” Before Her Untimely Death

“We had a tumultuous relationship”: Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher Had “Big Arguments” Before Her Untimely Death
Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher shared a special kind of connection, where they could patch up after a long fight as if nothing had happened
Mark Hamill remembered his Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher in a 2023 interview and opened up about the tumultuous relationship they shared over the years. The duo were cast as siblings Luke and Leia Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy and reprised their roles in Disney’s sequel films. Fisher passed away in 2016 after suffering from a heart attack. Hamill recalled how they constantly argued and made up, presumably until her death.
Hamill and Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourde spoke highly of the actress while unveiling her posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last year. It appeared that Hamill has a good relationship with Fisher’s family as well.

Mark Hamill Recalled The Tumultuous Relationship He Had With Carrie Fisher

Mark Hamill did a profile story for Esquire last year and one of the subjects that made up for a large chunk of the conversation was his time as the galactic star. If his dogs were Hamill’s one favorite subject to talk about, the other happened to be about his two co-stars, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. The three of them found their career breakthrough in George Lucas’ epic space franchise.
Hamill remembered his co-star Fisher who died in 2016 and admitted that they had a tumultuous relationship over the years. It was not like they were feuding with each other, but Hamill revealed that they would constantly argue about things. Some of these big arguments according to Hamill would even lead to them not speaking for six months.

However, Hamill shared that their relationship was so special that whenever they patched up they picked up right where they left off their friendship. It appears that Hamill’s arguments with Fisher never ceased happening and they might or might not have been on speaking terms when Fisher passed away. Hamill shared with Esquire:

I have to tell you, we had a tumultuous relationship. We could be as loving and supportive as possible, then we could have big arguments and say, “Well, I never want to speak to you again,” and not speak for six months. But every time you came back, you picked up right where you left off. We had a connection that is special.

The arguments between the stars are not surprising, especially since Carrie Fisher was an individual who never thought twice to speak her truth. She was open about how she was not properly compensated for her Star Wars merchandise (via Newsweek). Fisher also shared how she would’ve never taken the role had she known about the level of fame it would bring her (via TODAY).

Mark Hamill Was Present At Carrie Fisher’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Recognition

Mark Hamill also talked about his tribute to his co-star during the unveiling ceremony of her posthumous Hollywood Walk of Fame star. He revealed that he was not sure how to capture his friend on that very special day.
Hamill revealed that he didn’t want to make her family sad and shared that Fisher wouldn’t have wanted that too. He shared that if Fisher were alive she would’ve made everything funnier. Hamill shared:

I didn’t want it to be sad, because I knew she wouldn’t want people to be sad. But it would’ve been so perfect had she been there. Not only to see how much people loved her, but because she would’ve made everything much funnier. She lived to make others laugh. And it was always a point of satisfaction for me to be able to make her laugh.

Hamill also opened up about his own Hollywood Walk of Fame star and shared that he was touched that both Harrison Ford and George Lucas attended the ceremony. He further shared his special friendship with Ford, with whom he immediately forged a bond on the Star Wars set.
Carrie Fisher’s performance in the Star Wars movies can be now enjoyed by streaming the original and sequel trilogies on Disney+.

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